Lilac Haori (kimono jacket)

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Kimono jackets (haori) were traditionally only worn by the warrior caste over their armor. Geisha in Tokyo added them to their wardrobe in the 1800s and by the 1930s haori were a common sight on both men and women. Nowadays, haori are a chic and sophisticated item to mix with western clothing on both sides of the Pacific. Haori typically fall to the hip or thigh and do not close.
The former owner of this haori was an adventurous woman and descendant of a Hiroshima samurai family who made her way to Fresno, CA briefly before returning to Japan. She was a Master of Tea Ceremony, an accomplished calligrapher and a published haiku poet. She wore this haori as she went about her daily Japanese rituals. Traditional Japanese clothing often become family heirlooms- passed down from generation to generation. You can be the next chapter in the history of this garment! (This garment comes with a document detailing a more complete history.)

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